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Primal Sounds in singing lessons helps the singer to find a strong vocal foundation.

Lesson snippet. Primal sounds are such a useful tool for helping singers approach difficult notes or to bring grounding and foundation to their voice. Click the image to watch full video.

My friend and partner in (singing) crime!

I just want to give a little shout out to my mentor in music, our very own Trish Couper, who single-handedly managed to turn my life upside down last year, even before COVID hit. "You should do your Master's in Vocal Pedagogy at the Conservatorium", she said. "It will be fun", she said. Of course she was right but boy, it's hard work! Look out for Trish as she performs regularly at The Caf in Coolum Beach, and directs the AChoired Taste contemporary singer's choir in Peregian Springs. She is also an excellent qualified singing teacher here on the Sunshine Coast.

Postmodern Jukebox

If you haven't already checked out the incredible talent that is Postmodern Jukebox, do yourself a favour and have a listen to their rendition of 'All About That Bass' at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLnZ1NQm2uk. I bet you go fishing for more.

Research Study a Hit!

Thanks to all you amazing reluctant singers who stepped way outside their comfort zone to take part in my recent research study. What fun! We had 40 people participate including our fantabulous choir ladies and the amazing Trish Couper. Could not have done it without you all.


Diamond News

The latest announcements, news and what's on from DVS.

Lisa Diamond 17/10/2020

Proud Member of ANATS

ANATS stands for the Australian National Association for Teachers of Singing and is the leading association for the teachers of singing in Australia. Participating in an industry association such as ANATS encourages singing teachers to achieve excellence in their profession. ANATS is for those who have a passion for singing. They help teachers in any style of singing to be the best they can be by providing opportunities for learning, developing and networking.

Lisa Diamond 20/11/2020

Academic Excellence Award 2020

I am very excited to announce that through my studies at the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University in the Master of Music Studies, I have been given the Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence in the field of Vocal Pedagogy (fancy term for singing teaching). The criteria for this award is a grade average of Distinction or higher in all subjects over the past year. I have achieved the Graduate Certificate in Music Studies and continue with the privilege of an ongoing Master's degree. It's quite an easy feat when you are passionate about what you are studying and love teaching people to sing!

Lisa Diamond 10/01/2021

It's Proven! Singing improves mental and physical wellbeing.

As part of my research in the Master of Music Studies, I discovered that there is a plethora of scientifically based evidence that indicates singing increases mental wellbeing and reduces stress. Singing has also been proven to improve physical health in cancer and Parkinson's patients. Group singing is equally effective and additionally, improves the feeling of social connectedness. So sing your hearts out, it good for you! If you are interested in joining a choir, you might like have a sing with "AChoired Taste", Peregian Springs based community choir. Very friendly and welcoming. Contact me for more details.

Lisa Diamond 22/02/2021

Be a part of Lisa's Research Study.

I need reluctant singers. Yes, that's what I said...reluctant singers. People who don't think they can sing. Those that feel they are tone deaf. I need you! I am dong a research study which requires some brave non-singers to step out of their comfort zone and sing in a group of like-minded non-singers. No solo singing and no singing in public. Can you help me out? You will be volunteering to take part in 2, 1 hour sessions of singing and completing some surveys and questions. Please drop me an email using the link below. You never know, it could be fun!